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Our Story

Our humble beginning 

Factory Tamal was founded in 2013 experimenting to make tamales seem like actual art, the hard work we really put in them, with flavors that would bring memories back to those who tasted it.

By about 2014 we let our flavors to be tasted by a nearby deli in Queens, NY. We moved on to brooklyn to sell our tamales at our home. We would wake up early about 6 a.m to make our tamales. We sold our tamales by delivery then.

On January 2017 we started constructing Factory Tamal in 13 Essex street where we featured in many magazines, articles, and newspapers.

Finally on August 17, 2017 we moved around the nearby corner, 34 Ludlow st. We started selling our own merchandises that many loved. Till this day we make people happy when they taste our tamales. This makes us happy to see the people enjoy them.

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